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Jun 23, 2020

Today, on Higher Energy, we are joined by special guest Dr. Beverly Rubik, a leading scientist and scholar internationally renowned for her pioneering work in frontier science that embraces the consciousness and the energy fields of living systems, and medicine that goes beyond the mainstream.


Dr. Rubik is an esteemed biophysicist, investigating the role of consciousness in the physical world and complementary and alternative medicine, particularly the role of the human biofield, as well as the health issues of humans exposed to wireless communication radiation.


She is also the founder of the Institute for Frontier Science, a nonprofit research laboratory established to explore novel scientific and health-related discoveries and concepts that are considered unconventional, yet hold promise for future knowledge and applications.


Dr. Rubik joins us today to discuss the dangers of a global rollout of 5G and the detrimental health risks that humans are exposed to through wireless radiation. She explains that there are a host of problems that can come from exposure, and overexposure, to wireless radiation, and why we can expect that 5G will further exacerbate current health and environmental issues.


Dr. Rubik also provides insight into how 5G can disrupt and diminish our immunity to external factors, and why it's possible that individuals living in regions where next-generation 5G networks have already been rolled out may be experiencing a stronger response to COVID-19.


She shares how we can mitigate our exposure to wireless radiation in our daily lives, and why it’s critical that we accurately assess the impact and consequences that deploying 5G can have on humans and the environment before covering every square inch of the earth with wireless radiation.


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